CryptogenelD is an Ethereum based global token for determining the animal identification and ownership. This is an utility token, which combinations two different digital technology and biotechnological tools.


With the help of which token, pet owner can generate online database of features of animals. These features will be phenotypic and genetic nature. As each animal has a unique number, hence the features of animal can be assessed anytime and anywhere

on this planet, if the internet connection is available. This database will be very helpful

to trace the animals, if it gets lost or if the stolen animals is slaughtered and its parts are taken.


This database can give the information whether the parts belong to a particular animal with the help of biotechnological analysis.


This database will be called VETbase and it will be helpful for all animal owners, animal show organizers, breeders, organizations, animal health clinics, police, courts and many others.


This project will offer 3 different services: basis, advance and most advanced. All services are to be paid through the CryptpgenelD tokens. These tokens will be issued through different steps of sale e.g. Presale and Sale 1 and 2 etc. The animal address can be sent in form of QR code to other people and they can see the all features of animals online.

In case of race competitions, it will be very simple to send the information to other people. The block chain technology make possible that all information can be kept

online and without any manipulation.


Biotechnology offers tools, which enhance the possibility that nobody can manipulate the information. This project will offer new opportunities for busi ness and job development around the world.

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